Is Hustle the secret weapon to motivate?

l can relate to the Nipsey Hustle verse to Hustle and Motivate

It’s all I’m tryna do, hustle and motivate
Choppers a throwaway, hustle the Hova way
That’s why they follow me, huh, they think I know the way
‘Cause I took control of things, ballin’ the solo way
And if you counter my trend, I make you my protege

The psychology of sports and winning is very fascinating as the saying goes
it’s more than just a sport.

The number one motivating factor for an athlete is getting that Win.

A WIN motivates like no other energy, the carrot named WIN also provides a power boost of adrenaline. The energy is addictive and helps with motivation against the battle of the ups and down of an athlete.

On a solo aspect there is this quality l call the secret weapon – the game changer. It some ways under appreciated,  some have it in spades and some decide to display it whenever they feel like it.

It’s name – Hustle.

The Hustle is a brilliant quality in sports, it also is relevant in life itself cause the hustle is commitment to a goal – it represents a never give up attitude, cause we all fail, the hustle gets us back
on the horse and despite the setback provides us with motivation to try again.

l may be biased, to me the basketball athlete is my perfect representation for the word hustle. A beautiful balance of strength and agility combined with hustle they motivate.

Whatever you do Hustle and Motivate.

Lastly, a myth of Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school team was exaggerated but shows his hustle and his lack of height at an early age.

There was no doubt that Mike Jordan could handle the ball, but his shooting was merely good and his defense mediocre. Mike Jordan was seven or eight inches shorter than Michael Jordan would be, only 5’10″ at age 15, and at least one assistant coach had never heard of him before that day. If Jordan distinguished himself at all during the tryout, it was through his supreme effort.

Below are some of my other favorite quotes as source for motivation ~

  • Without failure there is no success ~ John C. Maxwell
  • All progress takes place outside the comfort zone ~ Michael John Bobak
  • If you do the work you get rewarded, there are no shortcuts in life – Michael Jordan
  • Push yourself and don’t give in until the final second ~ Larry Bird
  • When your not practicing someone else is getting better ~ Allen Iverson
  • Opportunities don’t happen they are created ~ Chris Grosser
  • Don’t quit, Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion – Muhammad Ali
  • Failure and setbacks are where all the good stuff happens ~
    Teri McKeever
  • The harder l work, the luckier l get – Samuel Goldwyn
  • The mind is everything. What you think you become – Buddha

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